Learning Fun

Generations Connection was created to help our Canandaigua children prosper after what has been a challenging few years. Retired teachers from the Canandaigua School District have volunteered to tutor and mentor children who attend our Canandaigua schools who need a little more one on one time, a little more encouragement, a little more learning fun. It is through relationships that we learn the most. We at Generations Connection connect the older generation with the newest generation and in the process encourage learning through relationships and sharing.    

How this works: We match a day, time and place that is convenient for the parent/child and the volunteer teacher who has the skills the student needs. Wood Library, Cobblestone Arts Center, Salvation Army have graciously agreed to allow us to use their facilities. Meeting virtually is also an option. The parents, the child and the child’s teacher will get a progress report.  This service is provided at no charge by volunteers in your community who want to help our Canandaigua children succeed.  
The last two years have been especially difficult for everyone, but for our young people in this community, it has been devastating both academically and emotionally.  As the older generation, we are interested in making a difference in the newest generation’s lives that have been so adversely affected by these last two years.

All Of our Tutoring and Mentoring are provided at No Cost

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