Math materials and Resources 

Analog Clock and digital clocks

  Make a paper plate clock with your student 

Read time, write time both digitally and with words

Use words like “ half past, and quarter past”

Talk about elapsed time “ What time will it be in one hour?” , What time was it 

2 hours before?” 

Talk about what time things happen in a day. “What time do you wake up?” 

   “What time do you have supper?


Identify coins by value and name

Use to count by ones, fives, tens, and twenty-fives

Pretend to buy things and give change

Take a handful of coins and find the value. See who has more money.

Rulers ( inch and centimeter)

Look at numbers on the ruler

Use the ruler as a number line to add and subtract

Measure small items to nearest inch, ½ inch and ¼ inch, or nearest


Estimate the length of items , then measure

Flash Cards

Make flash cards for addition and subtraction facts using index cards

Cut out triangle flash cards for addition and subtraction

Make “Cootie Catcher”/“Fortune Teller” for facts being studied


Use to add, subtract or multiply the two numbers 


Roll twice and add or multiply the two numbers

Roll three times and make the largest or smallest number possible

Hundreds Chart

Use to add by counting on

Use to subtract by counting back

Use to find nearest ten

Use to find ten more or ten less

Use to count by 2, 5, 10

Use to find odd numbers or even numbers

Math Websites Worksheets how to make a paper plate clock  worksheets   Interactive dice

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