I  Jane Baker would like to introduce myself to all who do not know me as a person deeply concerned about the welfare of children as are all of you who serve on this Advisory Board for “Generations’ Connected,”  and those retired teachers who are volunteering as mentors. In 1958 I moved to Canandaigua with my husband Bruce Baker. I first started work as a children’s caseworker for Ontario County Department of Social Services.  Emotionally I was not equipped for the job but still wished to work with children. I was hired by the Canandaigua City School District to teach English.  It was an excellent fit. In 1963 I retired to care for my fist child Catherine.  My second daughter Alice was born in 1965. In 1972, when both were in school, I returned as an English teacher of the Middle School where I remained until 1995. During my teaching career, I was a member of the Lively Arts Board. After retirement, I still wished to contribute to the welfare of children.I became a member of The Ontario County Children’s Foundation Board, Wood Library Board, and was one of four women who spearheaded the formation of Ontario Yates Board to assist women and girls. I look forward to continuing my work in helping children.

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